During a visit to Ypres in 1994, I was able to visit a number of the Commonwealth War Grave Cemeteries in and around the town. Some of the graves in the following photographs are those I was able to find of members of the 2nd South Midland (241st) Brigade. I have extended the coverage to the graves of all of the men of 241st Bde wherever they may be buried together with those of the second line (306th) Brigade in 61st Division and the few third line recruits I have come across. They were, in the main, all Worcestershire artillery men. Some photographs I took myself on the original visit and again in 2002. Other photographs have been taken for me by others here and abroad. Many of the graves photographs in Flanders have kindly been supplied by Aurel Sercu and Steve Morse: Dave Baker has kindly helped with some French graves, whilst the Commonwealth War Graves Commission office in Rome has most generously supplied shots of graves in their country.

Captain A.C. Williams, who served with the Brigade, wrote a history of 241st brigade in 1921. In it he lists two officers and fifty other ranks who were killed in action or died of wounds, plus a further 20 who died from other causes (disease etc.), particularly in Italy. An analysis of that list shows that a large number of those casualties are, in fact, members of 306th Brigade, whilst many 241st Brigade casualties are omitted. My own research suggests that total deaths within the ranks (officers and men) of 241st Brigade alone were 110 men, and additions are still being found. For a brigade of around 2500 men, however, it must be said that casualties were light in comparison with those the infantry suffered. With the exception of a number of the graves in France, most of the graves are on the site below. In the notes below, many men are listed as being attached to other brigades or units. This was generally as a result of having been wounded and allocated elsewhere on recovery from their wounds. Similarly, there are a number of men who do not have 241 Brigade service numbers. By the end of 1916, when several Pals Batallions had been wiped out, decimating whole communities, it seems to have been a deliberate move to allocate men to units not connected with their own home locality.

It is pleasing to report that only half a dozen men are commemorated on memorials with their mortal remains languishing in unmarked graves. The graves of all others are known. One man, Gunner Wingate of 306th Brigade, has the distinction of having died as a prisoner of war and is buried in Berlin South Western Cemetery, the only man to rest in enemy territory!

Using the following list, you can search directly for pictures of graves in Flanders, France, Italy or the U.K., or you can go directly to an alphabetical list of men's names to check on the grave location. The photographs are in alphabetical order of men's names in each country section. The majority of the graves are standard Commonwealth War Grave Commission pattern in Portland stone with one of two different designs produced for the artillery. One has a a gun inside a cross, the other has the gun inside a lobed triangular device. Two graves, both situated in the UK, are private family graves which are, nonetheless, tended by the Commission.


Dvr.Barber Gnr. Bishop Cooke
Dvr. John Barber Bdr. W. Bishop Gnr. Harry Cooke

Cording Dvr. Cropper Harrison
Gnr. A.Cording Dvr. A.F. Cropper Gnr. F.J. Harrison

Gnr. Mears RSM Morgan Morris
Gnr. Herbert Mears RSM. T.E. Morgan Gnr. A. Morris

Lt. Newbold Obery Pugh 2
Lieut. G.H. Newbold Gnr. E.A. Obery Gnr. J.A. Pugh

Dvr. Rowlands Gnr. Sherriff Gnr. Spalding
Dvr. A. Rowlands Gnr. Henry Sherriff Gnr. E.J. Spalding

Cpl. Strain Dvr. Sutton Waldron
Cpl. G.W. Strain Dvr. C. Sutton Gnr. A. Waldron

Watkins Ftr. Wilson Gnr. Wood
Gnr. J. Watkins Fitter F.A. Wilson Gnr. H.L. Wood

Brown Howard Hill
Dvr. A.E. Brown Gnr. H. Howard Gnr. R.H. Hill

Large Tranter Harvey
Dvr. D.E. Large BQMS H. Tranter Gnr. S. Harvey

Witton Cemetery, Birmingham, Wall of Remembrance

Gnr. H.W. Lewis on Witton memorial

Witton Cemetery, Birmingham, Screen Wall

Gnr. A.J.P Hathaway on Witton memorial



Graves in Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery

The first eight graves from the left are those of comrades of A/241. All were killed in action on 11th September 1917. They died in the same incident when a gas shell exploded in the entrance to the dugout in which they were sheltering. From left to right, the men in the first eight graves are: Bdr 830113 Stallard A H; Gnr 831567 Creese, Ernest William; Gnr 836496 Webb, Harold Ernest; Gnr 831566 Werrett F E T; Gnr 830706 Lerry, Sydney; Dvr 845344 Collett A E; Gnr 831931 Davies, George Vincent; Gnr 830914 (2880) Yoxall, Ronald. Three more of their comrades, Bdr. 830158 Sier Thomas, Gnr. 184276 Rose W and Gnr. 198701 Gower J.W. later died of wounds having been involved in the same incident. Bombadier Sier is buried in Duhallow Cemetery, the other two in Gwalia. The war diary for that day says, "Uneventful. Artillery shewed great activity on both sides." It is interesting to note that these eleven men represent nearly 10% of all those in the brigade who died in action during the war.

Dvr. Arrowsmith Gnr. Carter Dvr. Collett
Gnr. J.B. Arrowsmith Gnr. G.H. Carter Driver. A.E. Collett

Cpl. Cox Gnr. Crane Gnr. Creese
Cpl. W.Cox Gnr. H Crane Gnr. E.W. Creese

Gnr. Davies Dvr. Dawes Gnr. Doran
Gnr. G.V. Davies Dvr. W. Dawes Gnr. J. Doran

Sgt. Duggins Gnr. Erskine Dvr. Essery
Sgt. A.H. Duggins MM Gnr. R. Erskine Dvr. H. Essery

Gnr. Fannon Gnr. Freeman Gnr. Gillam
Gnr. H.P. Fannon Gnr. F.C. Freeman Gnr. J.W. Gillam

Gnr. Gower Gnr. Greaves Gnr. Griffin
Gnr. J.W. Gower Gnr. J.H. Greaves Gnr. E. Griffin

Gnr. Haines 2/Lt. Hall Gnr. Harwood
Gnr. A.T. Haines 2/Lt. T.K. Hall Gnr. J. Harwood
Bdr. Haughton Bdr. Hicks Gnr. Holland
Bdr. G. Haughton Bdr. E. Hicks Gnr. H. Holland

Gnr. Lane Maj. Lattey /TH> Gnr. Lerry
Gnr. W. Lane Maj. J.C. Lattey Gnr. S. Lerry

Gnr. Martin Gnr. Miller Capt. Mottram
Gnr. H. W. Martin Gnr. H. Miller Capt. F. Mottram

Lt. Palethorpe Gnr. Plumb a/Bdr. Pugh
Lt. E.D. Palethorpe Gnr. J.M. Plumb a/Bdr. E. Pugh

Bdr. Rea Dvr. Rose Bdr. Sier
Bdr. A.E. Rea Dvr. W. Rose Bdr. T. Sier

Bdr. Smith Gnr. Sparks Bdr. Stallard
Bdr. S.G. Smith Gnr. A.E. Sparks Bdr. H. Stallard

Gnr. Tinkler Cpl Tranter Cpl Tromans
Gnr. J.W. Tinkler Cpl. W.C. Tranter Cpl. J.W. Tromans

Lt. Turpin Sgt. Vale Webb
Lieut. J.K. Turpin Sgt. E.A. Vale Gnr. H.E. Webb

Werrett Dvr. Whitehouse A/Br. Willis
Gnr. F.W.T. Werrett Dvr. E. Whitehouse A/Bdr. F. Willis

Gnr. Wood Gnr. Yoxall
Gnr. J.F.H. Wood Gnr. R. Yoxall


The Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais

Clarke & Maynard Clarke Maynard
Gnrs. Clarke/Maynard, Arras Gnr. H.W. Clarke, Arras Gnr. J. Maynard, Arras

Gunners Clarke and Maynard were sheltering in a two storey dugout recently taken over from a Canadian artillery brigade near Vimy Ridge on 19th. October 1917. A shell came through the roof and exploded in the lower section. Four men were killed and ten wounded. The bodies of Gunners Clarke and Maynard were never found.

The Pozières Memorial

Briggs Hogan
Gnr. H. Briggs Dvr. W.T. Hogan

Ashcroft Blackford Brookes
Dvr. J.W. Ashcroft Gnr. H.G. Blackford Gnr. F.B. Brookes

Gnr. Hale Gnr. Moore Gnr. Munn
Gnr. A. Hale Gnr. T.A. Moore Gnr. R. Munn

Bdr. Severn Haynes Bdr. Stinton
Bdr. J.W. Severn Gnr. W.H. Haynes Bdr. J.A. Stinton

Sjt. Johnson Gnr. Morrison Dvr. A.E. Barnard
Sjt. B.J. Johnson Gnr. T. Morrison Dvr. A.E. Barnard


Belshaw Bland Boulton
Dvr. F. Belshaw Gnr. W.E. Bland Dvr. F. Boulton

Copleston Daleymount Dolphin
Dvr. C. Copleston Gnr. E.S. Daleymount Dvr. J.C. Dolphin

Evans Gray Hall
Sgt. A.C. Evans Gnr. W. Gray Dvr. A. Hall

Hendey Huxtable Jukes
Gnr. W.H. Hendey Dvr. A.E. Huxtable Dvr. W.T. Jukes

Lessimore Radcliffe Ruddick
Gnr. E. Lessimore Dvr. F. Radcliffe Gnr. L.A. Ruddick

Seymour Smallcombe Stacey
Cpl. J.R.G. Seymour Dvr. H. Smallcombe Dvr. G. Stacey

Pridmore Thomas Tarpey
Maj. R.G. Pridmore Dvr. E.J. Thomas Gnr. H.Tarpey


Burston Dvr. Dalton Gnr. Frewin
Gnr. W.E. Burston Dvr. P. Dalton Gnr. L.V. Frewin

Gnr. Hall Gnr. Hammond Muckart
Gnr. A. Hall Gnr. A G Hammond Gnr. John Muckart

Gnr. Rodber Capt. Rowe Gnr. Wingate
Gnr. A.V. Rodber Capt. P.T.Rowe Gnr. S.A. Wingate

Location and details of graves pictured above.

Dvr. 831548 Arrowsmith J.B., (DAC to X48 TMB),Vlam NMC, II.H.6;
Dvr. 830454 Ashcroft J.W., (B/241, C/311 on death), Aubigny Comm Cem Ext.
Dvr. 831055 Barber, John, (C/241) Pershore Cemetery, C48;
Dvr. 832077 Barnard, A.E. (1st. DAC), Bailleul Comm Cem Ext. Nord III.B.172
Dvr. L23235 Belshaw F., (B/241) Sandrigo Communal Cemetery, ;
Bdr. 3999 Bishop W., (3rd/2nd S.M. Bde) St. John's Cemetery Worcester, 4528;
Gnr. 831383 Blackford H.G., (C/311 on death), Bailleul Road East Cemetery, I.F.10;
Gnr. 837020 Bland A.E., (241 Bde), Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension;
Dvr. 845338 Boulton F., (C/241) Dueville Communal Cemetery Extension, 1.F.8;
Gnr. 830507 Briggs, Harry, (B/241?: C/211 on death, Pozières Memorial, Panel 7-10;
Gnr. 1030 Brookes, Frank Bernard, (B/241) Foncquevillers Military Cemetery I.K.26.
Dvr. 831116 Brown, Albert Ernest (67th Div Artillery Sig. School on death) Astwood, Worcester, 31417;
Gnr. 2355 Burston, Walter E. (B/306), Longueness (St. Omer) Souvenir Cem, II.C.29;
Gnr. 830528 Carter G H, (C/168), St. Julien Dressing Station Cem, II.A.10;
Gnr. 830529 Clarke, Harold Walter (B/241), commemorated Arras Memorial, Bay 1;
Dvr. 845344 Collett A E, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.6;
Gnr. 2958 Cooke, Harry, Kidderminster Cemetery, 5.D.522;
Dvr. 751536 Copleston C., (D/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 6.C.12;
Gnr. 831501 Cording A., (B/241) Llandegveth Churchard, Monmouthshire, no ref;
Cpl. 830036 Cox W., (A/241) Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery, I.B.24;
Gnr. 178166 Crane, Herbert (C/241) White House Cemetery, St. Jean-les-Ypres, III.D.3;
Gnr. 831567 Creese, Ernest William, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.2;
Dvr. 2421 Cropper, Alfred Frank, Astwood Cemetery, Worcester, 10458;
Gnr. 851259 Daleymount E.S. (D/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 10.A.11;
Dvr. 119709 Dalton, P (61st Div AC), Lijssenthoek Military Cem'y, XVI.D.13A;
Gnr. 831931 Davies, George Vincent, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.7;
Dvr. 156016 Dawes, William, (A/241) Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, XVI.H.6;
Dvr. 851261 Dolphin J.C. (D/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 7.B.7;
Gnr. 681128 Doran, Joseph (C/241) Dozinghem Military Cemetery, IV.G.21;
Sgt. 830055 Duggins, A.H. MM (C/241), Brandhoek New Military Cem'y, II.L.19;
Gnr. 72573 Erskine R, (C/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.E.21;
Dvr. 79555 Essery H, (241 Bde), Divisional Collecting Post Cem'y, D.4;
Sgt. 830133 Evans, Albert Charles MM (A/241), Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, II.A.38
Gnr. 71907 Fannon, H.P. (D/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.C.15;
Gnr. 831059 Freeman, Frederick Charles (B/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.C.18;
Gnr. 184460 Frewin, L.V. (D/306), White House Cemetery III.K.9;
Gnr. 830591 Gillam, J.W. (C/241), Gwalia Cemetery, Poperinghe, I.F.12;
Gnr. 198701 Gower J.W. (C/241), Gwalia Cemetery, Poperinghe, I.F.12;
Gnr. 1617 Gray W., (A/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 7.B.12;
Gnr. 830240 Greaves, James Henry, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, V.A.4;
Gnr. 830267 Griffin, E (C/241), Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, XVVIII.C.13;
Gnr. 831147 Haines A T, (48 TMB), Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, II.H.7;
Gnr. 2503 Hale, Andrew (A/241) Couin British Cemetery, I.B.10;
Gnr. 831784 Hall A (61st DAC) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, IX.H.27
Dvr. 785271 Hall A., (C/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 7.D.3;
Gnr. 831207 Haynes W.H., (D/311 on death) Bailleul Road East Cemetery, I.H.4;
2/Lt. Hall, Thomas Kershaw (C/241), Tyne Cot Panels 4-6/160;
Gnr. 846099 Hammond, Arthur George (61 Div AC), Achicourt Rd. Cem'y, C10;
Gnr. 830072 Harrison F.J., (B/241) Great Malvern Cemetery;
Gnr. 2524 Harvey S, (Unit not known), Kidderminster Cemetery, 2.B.799;
Gnr. 845328 Harwood, Jack (C/241), Bard Cottage Cemetery, IV.E.26;
Bdr. 830090 Haughton, George, (B/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.C.17;
Gnr. 855296 Hendey, William Henry (241 Bde HQ), Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, I.C.26
Bdr. 830398 Hicks E (C/241), Mendinghem Military Cemetery, IV.B.40;
Gnr. 3095 Hill, Rowland Hugo, (Unit not known) Powick Cemetery;
Dvr. 830629 Hogan, William Thomas (C/241: 33rd Bde on death), Pozières Memorial, Panel 7-10;
Gnr. L/3748 Holland, Harold, (C/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, V.D.35;
Gnr. L/9357 Howard, H., (A/241) St. Pauls Churchyard, Walkden, 1103;
Dvr. 179086 Huxtable A.E. (241 Bde) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 8A.10;
Sjt. 830030 Johnson, B.J., (B/241, C/311 on death), Etaples Military Cem. XVIII.K.12A
Dvr. 851294 Jukes W.T., (D/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 7.A.1;
Gnr. 830694 Lane W, (B/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, V.C.9;
Gnr. 830121 Large D.E., (169th Bty. 377th Bde on death) Lower Mitton Cemetery, A12.417-18;
Gnr. 830706 Lerry, Sydney, (HQ/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.5;
Gnr. 830688 Lessimore E., (A/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 8.C.15;
Gnr. 831512 Lewis H.W., (B/241) communal grave, Witton Cemetery, Birmingham;
Gnr. 830042 Martin H W, (307 Bde) Mendinghem Military Cemetery, VII.C.15
Gnr. 830961 Maynard, J (B/241), commemorated Arras Memorial, Bay 1;
Gnr. 831210 Mears, Herbert, (D/241) St. John's Church Cemetery, Worcester, 4681;
Gnr. 916078 Miller, Hugh (D/241), Poperinghe New Miliary Cem'y, II.B.43;
Gnr. 830719 Moore, Thomas A (B/241 - B/70 on death) Faubourg d'Amiens Cemetery, VI.E.23;
RSM 830712 (2632) Morgan, T.E., (2nd SM Bde), Astwood Cemetery, Worcester, 12979;
Gnr. 830738 Morris, Arthur, No. 4 Depot RFA, Bedford Cemetery, I265;
Gnr. 851304 Morrison, T., (D/241) Etaples Military Cem., XII.N.16 Gnr. 3017 Munn, Richard MM (C/241) Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, VII.D.140;
Capt. Mottram, Frederick (A/241) Dozinghem Mil. Cem, VI.B.5
Lt. Newbold, George Harold, (C/241) Newport Cemetery, Shropshire, 468;
Gnr. 4244 Obery, E.A., (3rd/2nd SM), Astwood Cemetery, Worcester, 72;
Lt. Palethorpe, Edwin Donald, (2nd SM, att RHA), Canada Farm Cmy, III.D.11;
Gnr. 156835 Plumb, John Merry (D/241) Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, XVVI.I.8;
Maj. Pridmore, R.G. (D/241) Giavera British Cemetery ArcadePlot 1. Row D. Grave 5;
a/Bdr. 190820 Pugh E (C/241), Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, I.H.45;
Gnr. 830749 Pugh James Alfred, Bilston Cemetery, EA.996E.3;
Dvr. 107129 Radcliffe F., (A/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 8.C.3;
Gnr. 830257 Rea, Albert Edward, (B/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.H.6;
Gnr. 71907 Rodber A.V., (A/306) White House Cem. Ypres, III.B.9;
Dvr. 184276 Rose, W, (241 Bde), Gwalia Cemetery, Poperinghe, II.A.6;
Capt. Rowe, P.T., (B/306), Orival Wood Cemetery, Flesquieres, II.C.1;
Dvr. 4517 Rowlands, Alfred, (2nd S.M.), Liverpool (Toxteth Park) Cemetery, B (Left), C.E.466;
Gnr. 845250 Ruddick L.A., (D/241) Magnaboschi British Cemetery, 2.B.6;
Bdr. 466 Severn, John Wilfred (A/241) Couin British Cemetery, IV.C.16;
Cpl. 840056 Seymour J.R.G. (D/241) Dueville Communal Cemetery Extension, 1.F.9;
Gnr. 830951 Sherriff, Henry Alfred, ("O" CA Park) St. John's Cemetery, Worcester, 4601;
Bdr. 830158 Sier, Thomas (A/241) Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery, I.C.21;
Dvr. 851334 Smallcombe H., (D/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 9.B.8;
Bdr. 840039 Smith, Sidney George, (D/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.C.11;
Gnr. 830031 Spalding E.J., Astwood Cemetery, Worcester, 17330;
Gnr. 840200 Sparks, Arthur Ernest, (D/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.C.12;
Dvr. 845981 Stacey G., (D/241) Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 6.C.11;
Bdr. 830113 Stallard H, (A/241)Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.1;
Bdr. 831036 Stinton, John Ashley, (D/241) Terlincthun Brit. Cemetery, II. B. 13;
Cpl. 60 Strain, George William (2nd. S.M. Bde) St. Peter's Churchyard, Ipsley;
Dvr. 2200 Sutton, Charles (2nd SM), Great Malvern Cemetery, 3.1366;
Dvr. 845973 Thomas E.J., (241 Bde), Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension, 8.A.4;
Gnr. Tarpey H., (HQ Att A/241), Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, III.B.45;
Gnr. 33804 Tinkler, John William (B/241) New Irish Farm Cemetery, I.A.11;
BQMS 830017 Tranter, Harry (B/241?) Brookwood Memorial, Surrey;
Cpl. 830125 Tranter, Sidney Charles, (B/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VII.C.16;
Cpl. 831312 Tromans, J.W., (B/241) Mendinghem Military Cemetery, II.F.20;
Lt. Turpin, James Knowles, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, VI.D.7;
Sgt. 83064 Vale, Ernest Alfred, (C/241), Bard Cottage Cemetery, IV.E.25;
Gnr. 831366 Waldron, Alfred, (A/86 on death), St. John's Cemetery, Worcester, 4622;
Gnr. 3241 Watkins, John, (3rd/2nd South Midland Bde), Claines, 611;
Gnr 836496 Webb, Harold Ernest, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.3;
Gnr 831566 Werrett F E T, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.4;
Dvr. 830893 Whitehouse E., (241 Bde) Mendinghem Military Cemetery, I.F.50;
A/Br 830147 Willis, Frederick, (C/241) New Irish Farm Cemetery, Ypres, I.B.1;
Fitter 3394 Wilson, Frank Alfred, (A/241) St. Denys Churchyard, Severn Stoke
Gnr 832027 Wingate, Stephen Albert (C/306) Berlin South Western Cemetery, XV,B.1;
Gnr 3142 Wood, Harold Lawrence, Astwood Cemetery, Worcester, 7305
Gnr. 845415 Wood, J.F.H., (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, V.A.5;
Gnr 830914 (2880) Yoxall, Ronald, (A/241) Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, XI.H.8;

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