Identified photographs of members of 241 Brigade at the time of the First World War are few. If you have photographs of relatives who were in the Brigade (in any of the batteries) I would really appreciate a copy.

Col. Bullock

Lieut. Colonel E. C. Bullock, TD
Commanding Officer 2nd. SM Bde and 241 Bde, 1909 - 1916

Col. Colville

Lieut. Colonel J. R. Colville, DSO
Commanding Officer 241 Bde, 1916 - 1918

Maj. Taylor Maj. Lattey Maj. Oakes
Major G.H. Taylor T.D.
C.O. February 1916, 1920-24
Major J.C. Lattey
C.O. March 1916
Major T.H.E. Oakes

Capt. Galloway Lt. Hobson Lt. Perrins
Capt. R.L. Galloway
Lt. A.C.W. Hobson
C.O. 1924 - 31, 1939, 1942-3
Lt. C.D. Perrins

2/Lt. Smith Lt. Tunbridge Capt. Dixey
2/Lt. S.H. Smith Lt. S. Tunbridge Capt. J.C. Dixey

Smith-Carrington 2/Lt. Sankey Lt. Foster
Capt. M.C.H. Smith-Carrington 2/Lt. H.B. Sankey Lt. N.J.A. Foster

Lt. Clements Capt. Green 2/Lt. Hughes
Lt. W.E. Clements Capt. L. Green, A.V.C. 2/Lt. Hughes

Maj. Oldham 2/Lt. Allen 2/Lt. Williams
Major A.C. Oldham R.A.M.C. 2/Lt. H.B. Allen 2/Lt. A.C. Williams

2/Lt. Treadgold Gnr. Bell Dvr. Cook
2/Lt. G.V. Treadgold Gunner 2952 Bell A. Driver 2965 Cook W.

Sgt. Lisseter Dvr. Rastall Gnr. Christopher
Sergeant 983 Lisseter G Dvr. 2751 Rastall A. Gnr. 3416 Christopher A

Gnr. Stanton Maj. Macleod Dvr. Norcott
Gnr. 2762 Stanton PW Maj. Rory Macleod Dvr. 2960 Norcott T.G.

Bdr. Smith Gnr. 2858 Glements G Lt. Woods
Bdr. 840039 Smith S.G. Gnr. 2858 Clements G Lt. W.A. Woods

Dr. Oliver Gnr. Tooley
Dvr. 2094 Oliver T Gnr. 2814 Tooley L

Bdr. Warder E.R. Dvr. Williams R 2/Lt Turpin
Bdr. Warder E.R. Dvr. 2858 Williams R 2/Lt. J.K. Turpin

Lt. Woodward Lt. Adshead 2 Lt. Adshead 1
Lt. G.R. Woodward Lt. B.T. Adshead Lt. F.H. Adshead

Capt. Meacher Gnr. Glazzard aBdr. Stallard
Captain E. Meacher Gnr. 3181 Glazzard S Bdr. 830113 Stallard A E

Gnr. Beard Lt. Pridmore Gnr. Hammond
Gnr. 952 Beard G.E. Lt. R.G Pridmore MC Gnr. 846099 Hammond A.G.

Capt Penny Gnr. Gooderham Dvr. Barber
Capt. A. Penny Gnr. 73105 Gooderham A.B. Dvr. 830155 Barber J.

Bdr. Beechey Bdr. Haughton A/Sgt. Johnson
Bdr. J.W. Beechey Bdr. G. Haughton A/Sgt. B.J. Johnson

a/Bdr. Harris Dvr. Whitehouse W/Sgt.Jordan
a/Bdr. W.F. Harris Dvr. E. Whitehouse Wheeler Sgt. J. Jordan

Gnr. Potter Gnr. Burston Cpl. Noond
Gnr. G. Potter Gnr. W.E. Burston Cpl. A.G. Noond

Sgt. Smith Gnr. Wright 2/Lt. Barton
Sgt. T.N. Smith Gnr. V.A. Wright 2/Lt. A.E.S. Barton

Bdr. Stinton Gnr. Groves Dvr. Cockcroft
Bdr. J.A. Stinton Gnr. W.J. Groves Dvr. H.W. Cockcroft

Dvr. Jenks Gnr. Bradley Dvr. Lewis
Dvr. E. Jenks Gunner C.F. Bradley, MM Dvr 2606 Lewis W.C.

A/Sjt. Street Gnr. Hucker Dvr. Tuffy
a/Sgt. G.K Street Gnr V.W. Hucker Dvr. John Tuffy

Cpl. Ragbourne Lt. Palethorpe Dvr. Roberts
Cpl. W.G. Ragbourne Lt. E.D. Palethorpe Dvr. William Roberts

Gnr. Henn a/Bdr Pritchard Dvr Purnell
Gnr. N.C. Henn a/Bdr. William Pritchard Dvr. C.E. Purnell

Cpl Robinson Gnr Steward Gnr Welham
Corporal W.C. Robinson Gunner H.O. Steward Gunner A.C.Welham

Gnr Russell Bdr Lawrence Sjt Roberts
Gunner L.W.H. Russell Bombadier W.C. Lawrence Serjeant W.H. Roberts

Gnr Day Sjt Widdowson Dvr Ashcroft
Gunner F.T. Day Sjt. O.A. Widdowson (WW2 Photo) Dvr J.W. Ashcroft

Dvr Bunn Dvr Lawrence Capt Rowe
Driver G. H. Bunn Driver Arthur Lawrence Captain Percy Rowe

Gnr Bunn Dvr Holland Dvr Twining
Gunner A.J. Heraty Driver A.J. Holland Driver E. Twining

Gnr Gammon Dvr Tolley Dvr Mitchell
Gunner H. Gammon Driver W.R. Tolley Driver F. Mitchell

Dvr Green Gnr Jeves Gnr Davies
Driver A.W.Green Gunner E.F. Jeves Gunner G.V. Davies

Dvr Delaney Cpl Willis Gnr Ball
Driver W.A Delaney Cpl A.E. Willis Gunner T.S. Ball

Dvr Turner Cpl Munday Dvr Mutton
Driver S.A. Turner Cpl. D. Munday DCM Dvr. H.V. Mutton

Dvr Jones Gnr Dale Dvr Howman
Gunner Frank Jones Driver Eric S C Dale Driver Charles Howman

Gnr Creese SW Gittins AHMichael
Gnr Ernest William Creese Sjt. Wheeler Sydney Thomas Gittins Gnr. Arthur Henry Michael

Gnr. William Hill Dvr. Arthur George Court Sjt. A C Evans <<
Gnr. William Hill Cpl. Driver Arthur George Court Sjt. Arthur Charles Evans

Gnr. Charles Postings Dvr. Mark Postings
Gnr. Charles Postings Driver Mark Postings

Details of men pictured above.

Lt. Col E.C. (Clifford) Bullock, Commanding Officer 1909 -1916

Lt. Col. J.R. Colville, Commanding Officer 1916 - 1918

Lt. Adshead, B.T. (Barnie) (B/241);
Lt. Adshead, F.H. (Bertie) (B/241);
2/Lt. Allen H.B. (A/241);
Driver 830454 Ashcroft, J.W. (B/241, C/311 on death);
Gunner 830507 Ball, Thomas S. (DAC);
Driver 831055 Barber, John, (C/241);
2/Lt. Barton, A.E.S. (306 Bde) transferred to RFC;
Gunner 830013 Beard, George Edward, (B/241);
Gunner 830967 Bell, Albert, (A/241);
Bombadier 830463 Beechey, James William, (2 S.M.)
Gunner 830478 Bradley, Charles Frederick MM, (D/241)
Driver 831560 Bunn, George Henry, (A/241)
Gunner 2355 Burston, Walter E, (B/306);
Gunner 3416 Christopher A;
Gunner 2395 Clements G, (B/241);
2/Lt. W.E. Clements, (H.Q.);
Driver 173873 Cockcroft Herbert William, (B/241);
Driver 2965 Cook W, (B/241);
Driver 830516 Court, A G , (A/306);
Gunner 831567 Creese, Ernest William, (A/241);
Gunner 831112 Dale, Eric Sydney Charles, (B/241);
Gunner 831931 Davies, George Vincent, (A/241);
Gunner 845715 Day, Frederick Thomas, (DAC);
Driver 830547 Delaney, William Alex (A/241);
Captain Dixey, J.C. Adjutant, (C/241);
Sjt 830153 Evans, A.C. A/241;
Lt. Foster, N.J.A. (A/241);
Captain Galloway, R.L. Adjutant,( H.Q.) To 24 Div. October 1915;
Gunner 830941 Gammon, Harry (D/241);
Sjt/Wheeler 830057 Gittins, Sydney Thomas, C/241;
Gunner 3181 Glazzard S, (A/241);
Gunner 73105 Gooderham, Albert Barr, (A/241);
Driver 831185 Green A.W., (B/241?);
Captain Green, L. (Army Veterinary Corps, attached);
Gunner 830580 Groves, William James, (B/241);
Gunner 846099 Hammond, Arthur George (61 Div AC);
Gunner 107274 Heraty, Austin John (B/241);
A/Bdr. 2195 Harris, William Frank (C/241);
Gunner 1052 Hill, William, (C/241);
Bombadier 830090 Haughton, George, (B/241);
Gunner 831058 Henn, NC, MM (?);
Lt. Hobson, A.C.W. (C/241). Later C.O. and Honorary Colonel in 1954;
Driver 845677 Holland, Alfred James (48th DAC);
Driver 78984 Howman, Charles (C/241);
Gunner 831938 Hucker, Victor William 306 Bde;
2/Lt. Hughes, unit unknown;
Driver 846301 Jenks, Ernest (B/306);
Gunner 840126 Jeves, Ernest F (D/241);
A/Sgt. 830030 Johnson, Bertram Joseph (Bat. unknown, later 311 Bde);
Driver 830668 Jones, Frank (BAC, later DAC);
Wheeler Sgt. 830058 J. Jordan, (B/241 then DAC);
Major Lattey, James Cumming (A/241);
Driver 846256 Lawrence, Arthur (2nd SM DAC);
Bombadier 830189 Lawrence, Walter Charles (A/306);
Driver 2606 Lewis W.C.,(A/241);
Sergeant 983 Lisseter G, (C/241);
Major Macleod (Rory), (Battery Commander C/241 in 1917);
Captain Meacher, E. (B/241);
Gunner 831257 Michael, Arthur Henry (BAC then DAC);
Driver 831586 Mitchell, Frank. (B/241);
Cpl. S/S 830179 Morgan, John (B/241);
Corporal 831483 Munday, Donald, DCM (D/241);
Driver 830294 Mutton, Horace Victor (C/241?);
Corporal 1024 Noond, Arthur G (Jack), (B/241);
Driver 2960 Norcott, Thomas George (D/241 later 243 Bde);
Major Oakes, T.H.E. (A/2441);
Major Oldham, A.C. (Royal Army Medical Corps, attached);
Driver 2094 Oliver T, (B/241);
Lieut. Palethorpe, E.D.;
Captain Penny, A.F. (A/241);
Lieut. Dyson Perrins, Charles F. (A/241);
Gunner 830755 Potter, George (241 Bde then 315 Bde);
Lieut. Pridmore, Reginald George MC, (D/241 later 240 Bde);
a/Bombadier Pritchard, William C, (AmmCol);
Driver 830794 Purnell, Charles E, (Amm Col);
Corporal 830798 Ragbourne, William G. (A/241);
Driver 2751 Rastall, A. (Amm Column);
Serjeant 830187 Roberts, Wilfred Harris (A/241);
Driver 831105 Roberts, William;
Corporal 831350 Robinson, William Cogins (?);
Captain Rowe, Percy Trevellyn (D/306);
Gunner 831297 Russell, Lewis William Hatton (D/241);
2/Lt. Sankey, H.B. (B/241);
Bombardier 840039 Smith, Sidney.G. (D/241);
2/Lt. Smith, Stanley Howard (C/241);
Sergeant 830924 Smith, T. N. MM (306 Bde);
Major Smith-Carrington, M.C.H. (Ammunition Column);
Bombardier 830113 Stallard, Albert Edward;
Gunner 2762 Stanton, PW (A/241);
Gunner 830838 Steward H.O. (V48 TMB);
Bombardier 831036 (3041) Stinton, John Ashley (D/241);
a/Sergeant 831068 Street, George Kenneth (A/241?);
Major Taylor, G.H., C.O. March 1916 and 1920-1924(B/241);
Driver 830864 Tolley, Walter Richard (B/241);
Gunner 2814 Tooley, L (B/241);
2/Lt. Treadgold, Garnet Victor (C/241?);
Dvr. Tuffy, John 2nd SM Bde (B/241?), later Pvt. 254224 Labour Corps;
Lt. Tunbridge, S. (Amm Column);
Dvr. Turner S.A. (B/241);
Driver 830211 Twining, Edgar (A/241);
a/BQMS 830903 Warder, Edwin Richard, (B/241);
Gunner 836266 Welham, Arthur Charles (B/241);
Driver 830893 Whitehouse, Ernest (D/241);
Serjeant 51 Widdowson, Owen Arthur, (Later 2/Lt) (D/241);
2/Lt. Williams, A.C. (A/241);
Driver 2858 Williams, R (B/241);
Cpl 830390 Willis, A.E. (D/241);
Lieut. Woods, W.A. (B/241);
Lieut. Woodward, G.R. (B/241);
Gunner 830910 Wright, Victor Alfred, (C/241);

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