After October 1916, known as B battery
241 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

The following photographs show members of the 2nd Battery (based in Kidderminster). The large group photograph is believed to contain members of the Malvern Ammunition Column as well. The photographs were kindly made available to me by Gerald Clements, whose father Gunner Gilbert Clements is to be found as indicated.

The Kidderminster Battery

Known battery members:
Officers next to (unnamed) padre in centre: 1st left, Lt. Bertie Adshead; 2nd left, Lt. G.R. Woodward. 1st right, Major G.H. Taylor; 2nd right, Capt. E. Meacher; 3rd right, Lt. W.A. Woods; 4th right, Lt. Barnie Adshead. Gunner G. Clements is 2nd from right on second row from front.


Known battery members:
Gunner G. Clements is second from the right, standing. Lt. W.A. Woods is the officer seated in the centre.

Group 2

Known battery members:
Gunner G. Clements is fourth from the right on the front rank.

If you can identify any of the men in these photographs, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I am also very keen to obtain similar photographs of groups of men or individuals from the Worcester (1st) Battery, later known as A/241.

If you have any information at all that would extend our knowledge of the Worcestershire Royal Artillery batteries at the time of the First World War, please send us an e-mail

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