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Our Beale family was centred on South Worcestershire and Gloucestershire

The earliest Beale we know to be one of our ancestors was Robert Beale: he married Elizabeth Young on 31st. December 1818 at Birtsmorton, Worcestershire. One of the later censuses shows that both were actually born at Castlemorton, although the parish records have been searched for their births without success. They are quite close to the border of Herefordshire, whose parish records are poorly indexed and recorded outside the County Record Office. It may be that research into Herefordshire records will unearth them. Any information on them would be most welcome. Their son William, the eldest of six children had a son James in 1855 (still at Castlemorton) and their children Louisa Florence, Henry James, Andrew, William, Fred and Ethel were all born in Gloucester after 1879.

Louisa Florence died in 1907, a year after the birth of her daughter Florence Elizabeth and her widower Henry Edward King moved with his daughter to Birmingham and remarried. He and his new wife, Eugene Colley, born Wright together with his daughter and her son Henry Charles Colley are on the 1911 census at 40 Abbey Street, Hockley. Henry James became a boot repairer, settled in Birmingham with his two children whose families we have recently encountered after a gap of 60 years! The picture we now have of my mother and her first cousin together at the ages of 92 and 88 are very special. Andrew, my grandfather, lived his life as Albert Bell (boy is there a story there!) and the other three siblings, William, Fred and Ethel have all done their best to elude us. The 1911 census shows William living at Clegram Road, Gloucester with his wife Inez (born Inez Maud Long) and their three year old son William. Henry James at the census is living as head of the family with his mother Elizabeth Chatfield and unmarried sister Ethel at 89 Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham. Brother Fred was missing from the 1911 census at the time of the beta test. If you have any knowledge of the families listed above, we would be very pleased to hear from you. It is unlikely that Florence or William Junior are still alive, but whilst my mother died in 2002 at the age of 97, her cousin is still alive and is now nearly 97 herself.

Significant events are:
Robert Beale, born app. 1794, married Elizabeth Young, Birtsmorton 31 Dec 1818
William, son of Robert, born Castlemorton 1821, married Mary Ann Preece, Dymock 14 Feb 1852
James, son of William, born Castlemorton 1855, married Elizabeth Pearson, Gloucester, 4 Aug 1877
Andrew, son of James, born Gloucester 1881, married Elizabeth Fryer, Worcester, 23 Nov 1914

James Beale went to America some time in the mid-1890's to make his fortune. The family went out to join him, but he died of a fever. By 1900 his widow had returned to Gloucester and remarried. There is a possibility that James died during the Dawson City typhoid epidemic.

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