After October 1916, known as C battery
241 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

The photographs underneath show members of the 3rd Battery (based in Redditch) and is thought to have been taken on the annual camp in 1913. The original postcard was written at Hamilton Camp, though the postmark reads Lark Hill Camp, Salisbury. The date of postage is August 14th 1913. The photographs were kindly made available to me by Simon Lisseter, whose great grandfather Corporal George Lisseter is to be found second from the right with the pipe in the first row of men standing in the top photograph.

By 1915 he was a sergeant and on duty with the battery in France. Sgt. Lisseter (Service No 983) was granted leave from 21st to 28th August1915. Shortly after his return to the front line on 2nd September he was wounded. He clearly spent time in a CCS but it was 5th November before he was sent to hospital before being evacuated on 29th November. For him the war was over.

The Redditch Battery



Acting Bombadier William Frank Harris is sixth from the right in the first row of standing men in the bottom photograph.

If you can identify any other men in these photographs, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I am also very keen to obtain similar photographs of groups of men or individuals from the Worcester (1st) or Kidderminster (2nd) Batteries, later known as A/241 and B/241.

If you have any information at all that would extend our knowledge of the Worcestershire Royal Artillery batteries at the time of the First World War, please send us an e-mail

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