Our Corbetts came from North Worcestershire, on the Warwickshire border

The earliest Corbetts (sometimes spelt alternatively as Corbit and Corbet) that we can prove preceded us directly were the family of John Corbet who married Ann Sandford at Inkberrow, Worcestershire in 1804. Both gave their addresses as Inkberrow, although Ann Sandford was from Exhall and Wixford over the border in Warwickshire. John was probably born in Loxley, Warwickshire in 1784, but definitive proof is still being sought. They had four children, William, Henry, Hannah and John, the latter dying shortly after his birth in 1812 along with his mother. It would appear as if Ann's sister Elizabeth came over to look after the children and stayed. Although there was no marriage, John and Elizabeth had a further eight children, Joseph in 1813, Eliza, Lydia, Ann, Diana, John, Henry and Charles. Most of these initially moved the short distance to Hanbury and Broughton Green. They eventually gave rise to families in Redditch, Tanworth in Arden, Birmingham and Worcester.

Family trees have been produced which link all known descendents of John Corbett. There is a possibility that our original John, referred to above, was born in Loxley near Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, but no documented evidence has yet been found to confirm this. There is also a further complication in that at the time Loxley John Corbett was born in 1784 to father John Corbet and mother Sarah née Blincow (married at Loxley on 10 Nov 1777), there was another John Corbet in the village with wife Mary who also had a son John. If anything is known on these families, information would be greatly appreciated.

Significant events are:
John Corbet, born 1874 at Loxley, married Ann Sandford at Inkberrow, 18 Oct 1804.
John Corbet on death of Ann in 1812, common law marriage with her sister Elizabeth.
Charles Corbett, son of John & Elizabeth, born Inkberrow 1825, married Harriet Wiggins at Hanbury 12 Dec 1848.
John, son of Charles, born 1870 Broughton Green, married Mary Elizabeth Andrews at Worcester 17 Oct 1892.
Reginald John, son of John, born Dudley1908, married Edith Frances Bell at Worcester, 5 Jun 1934.

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