Our Horsfall family was centred on Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire

The Horsfalls generally came from around the centre of Leeds, marriages taking place at Armley, Lttle London and Leeds Parish Church. Successive generations of Horsfall breadwinners were involved in many occupations reflecting the industrial nature of the area and the needs of the citizens of this rapidly growing metropolis. Occupations include postman, railway porter, gasworker, chimney sweep and cordwainer (shoe repairer), going back to the early 1800's.

In 1893, however, John Henry Horsfall married Mary Elizabeth Claxton, the daughter of a farm servant from Bridlington (who also happened to be a lifeboatman). The Caxtons went back a further three generations as farm labourers in this much more rural area.

Mary Claxton's father was christened Allison - was this an early attempt to make a man of him, like Roy Orbison's "Boy named Sue"? He was clearly not expected to live, since he was christened on the day he was born and the civil registrar, by coincidence, was also the surgeon who was present at his birth.Allison's father, John's marriage record in 1837 was the very first in the parish register for the church at Muston.

Significant events are:
James Horsfall married Elizabeth Kirshaw 1786 at Leeds.
Henry, son of James, born 1786 married Charlotte Hollings 1815 at Leeds.
David, son of Henry, born 1835, married Elizabeth Townend 1856 at Leeds.
John Henry, son of David, born 1873, married Mary Elizabeth Claxton 1893 at Leeds.
John William, son of John Henry, born 1899, married Elizabeth Gregg 1899 at Armley.
George Henry, son of John William, born 1922, married Alma Craven 1948 at Leeds.

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