in France and Flanders, 1915 to 1917

A Brigade gunpit on Pozières Ridge, July 1916

This list has been compiled from the Brigade's War Diaries and Daily Returns which were obtained courtesy of the Public Record Office, Kew. A considerable number of names have also been culled from the medal index cards. If you have an interest in any of the following men or if you have information on others who served in the Brigade, please send us an e-mail 2600 men served with 241st Brigade during the war and my database contains nearly 2400 names, predominantly from 241st Brigade but with a few from the second line 306th Brigade. If your relative fails to appear in the lists, he may still have been in the Brigade and that means that I am vitally interested in hearing about him, to check and to add him to the list.

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. Names appearing twice indicated by a number in brackets as in Adshead F.H. below indicate that their details cover two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk following a name indicates that the individual has an entry either on the individual portrait page or on the graves page, a double asterisk indicates that pictures of both are displayed.

2512 NAMED SOLDIERS AT 6th April 2006
1 New man added in April

Surnames Commencing with letters:

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