Surnames A - C

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. A number in brackets following a name indicates there are two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk indicates that the man appears on either the portrait or graves page. Two asterisks indicate that he appears on both.

Act G, Adams W, Adams W, Adams William F., Adkins J.A.F., Adshead B.T.(*), Adshead F.H. (2) (*), Ainsley Henry R., Alexander Nathan, Allam C, Allan G C., Allan G,Allard A.R., Allard F (2), Allcott F, Allday ?, Allen Ernest Ed., Allen G, Allen H.B. (*), Allen G, Allen Harry, Allen James, Allen William Charles, Allen W (2), Allen William Robert, Allengame Arthur G. R., Alexander Hugh, Alford Claude P., Allies Thomas, Allott William, Allsopp W, Alsop Arthur, Alsop William, Amor Henry Robert, Amos J, Amphlett Arthur F., Anderson John, Andrews James, Angell Alfred, Angell F, Annis W.H., Ansell A, Archer Joseph Albert, Armstrong J, Armstrong John R., Arnold H, Arrowsmith Joseph Bernard (*), Ashby John W.K., Ashcroft, J.W. (**), Asher J.W., Ashford John, Ashford Thomas B., Ashwin R (2), Assinder GEG, Aston F, Aston H, Atherton Frank W, Atkins John A F., Atkins Leonard William, Attwood Frederick Francis Albert, Attwood James, Attwood William, Austin Stanley, Avery William (3), Ayris H.J., Ayrton John, Bach R.E., Bacon G.P., Baddeley Ernest Harold, Badham T.C., Badham W.J., Bailey Albert Em, Baines William C., Baker A, Baker Arthur, Baldwin Albert E.J., Baldwin Benjamin, Baldwin F, Baldwin F, Ball Arthur H., Ball Austin, Ball Frederick A., Ball Harold S., Ball Reginald H., Ball T, Ball Thomas Samuel (*), Ball William, Bamforth Evelyn, Bampfylde S, Banfield H.J., Banning Thomas, Bantom William H. or William J. (2), Barber George, Barber John (**), Barker F.F.G., Barker Mark, Barker Roland, Barnard Arthur E., Barnes Richard. Barnett ?, Barnett A, Barnett F.J., Barnett H, Barnett William H., Barnsley L.H., Barnwell Albert W., Barrett (Barratt) Frank, Barrett J.J., Barrow(s) R, Barton A.E.S.(*), Bartlett A.E., Bartlett William Chas., Barton A.E.S., Barwell S, Baskerville Albert Alfred, Baskerville P.T., Bassett D.D., Bateman Harry, Batson Richard, Battersea K, Battson Harry, Baxter G, Bayers W.T., Bayes W.T., Baylis A.J., Baylis(s) G, Baylis Samuel, Baylis Sidney Ernest, Bayliss J, Baynes William, Baynes W, Baynton T, Beaman F, Beaman H, Beaman W.C., Beard G.E. (*), Beasley A.E., Bedenham Reginald, Beech Ernest J., Beech E.J., Beechey J.W. (*), Beeson C.J., Beeson Frederick, Beeson F (2), Belcher C, Bell Albert (*), Bell Harry, Bell Samuel F., Bellamy Harold P., Belshaw Frank (*), Belson F, Bennett Charles, Bennett G, Berry John, Berry J.W., Berry L, Best Albert, Best H, Bethel George Phillip, Betteridge Albert, Betts A.J., Bevan E, Bevin Perc. J, Bick J (3), Bicknell F, Billing O.G., Billing W, Billings Owen George, Binding S.T. (2), Birch or Burch C, Birch Ernest, Birch George E., Birchley Albert Henry, Bird Harold, Bird W, Birkett H, Bisby Colin, Bisby John P., Bishop W (*), Bishton G.L., Blackett Stanley, Blackford Harry, Blackford Hubert G. (*), Blake Bertram Harrison, Blakemore James, Bland Alfred Eric (*), Bleakman Hubert H., Blick J, Blinco Edward F (Ted), Blincow Leonard William, Blissett F, Blizzard A, Bloomfield H, Blower John William, Board Henry George, Bod(d)enham J, Bolger Herbert, Bond Hannibal, Bonham Edwards A (2), Bonsfield ?, Booth John H., Booth P, Booton E, Boraston ?, Boswell D.C., Bosworth Frederick A., Boucher W.E. (2), Bough Ernest R., Bould F, Boulton Frederick (*), Boulton G (2), Bourne C, Bourne William, Bowcott (Bowcutt) Jonathan, Bowcutt Walter C., (2), Bowers F, Bowley W, Bowley William T., Bowling N, Bowstead William, Bowyer Sydney, Boyce Alfred H., Boyd Edward F., Boz(y)ward William, Brace Walter, Bradford Edwin Sidney, Bradley Bertram, Bradley Charles Frederick MM (*), Bradley E, Bradley Hector, Bradley W, Bradley Walter, Bragg G, Braisby Edward, Brake Herbert F., Bramich AW, see Bramwick A.W. (2), Brant F, Bray Jonathan, Bray W, Brazier W, Breedon Frederick T., Breedon F, Brettell Cecil E., Brettell Edward F., Brettell G, Brettle E, Brewer A.C., Briggs ?, Briggs Alfred, Briggs Harry, Bright A.C., Brind C.B., Brindley H, Bristow Stanley, Brittain N, Brittian Samuel, Broadhurst George, Brook F, Brooks F, Brooks W, Brookes Frank Bernard (*), Brookes William, Brookes William F., Brown Albert Ernest, Brown A.W., Brown Henry James, Brown Herbert W., Brown William, Browning A.R., Browning A.W., Browning Sidney E., Brownsey H.A., Brushfield Frederick, Bryan C.E., Bryant H.G., Buchanan Sydney, Buckley A.E. (2) Bullivant Herbert, Bullock C, Bullock E.C. (*), Bullock John, Bullock Walter, Bunker Wilfred Harold, Bunn George H., Bunn James, Burch E, Burgess P.H., Burman A.E., Burrows T.V., Burrows Valentine, Burston A.H., Burston Joseph, Burston Walter (**), Burton W, Buss Charles S., Bustin Reginald, Butcher G.H., Butcher Walter, Bute G.H., Butler Sidney, Buttery John C., Bywater Howard, Caldicott F., Caldwell G.A., Caldwell Thomas, Cale James V., Callow R.I., Cameron Hugh J.R. (2), Canadine Leonard, Cantrell J.W., Cantrell J.W., Canty H, Canty J, Caradine L, Carey Arthur Frederick, Carley John C.R., Carpenter G, Carpenter J, Carpenter James W., Carrington John, Carter E.F., Carter George Harvey (*), Cartland John, Cartwright Ben, Cash B, Cashmore Frederick, Cassell E.W., Caswell Albert, Catchpole Francis B., Cave D.P., Cave Francis Edward W., Challoner Titus, Chambers G.M.L., Chambers George Arthur, Chambers George L., Chambers Norman V., Champion Arthur, Chandler A.L., Chantler W, Chapman Edward, Chatterley William H., Chatterton A, Chesters H, Chidgey M, Chidgly M, Childs William G., Chipperfield Reginald Price, Christian Alfred E., Christian W, Christopher A.E.J. (*), Church W.J., Churchill Arthur, Churchill Joseph, Churchill V or A, Cinderbury Walter, Clamp Arthur, Clark William, Clark William H., Clarke A, Clark Ernest, Clarke George, Clarke H, Clarke Harold Walter (*), Clarke W, Clarke W, Clarke W.J.G., Clarke G (2), Clarke Thomas A., Clarke William J., Clarke W.T., Clay Reg Victor, Clayton H, Clee Harry James, Clee Lawrence P, Clements G (*), Clements W.E. (*), Clewes Percy John, Cluley Wilfred G., Cockcroft H.W.(*), Cockell W, Cockill ?, Coldrick John, Cole R.C., Cole or Cale G, Cole William, Coleman Geo C, Coleman Harry, Coleman Louis M., Coles George, Coles W, Coley William A, Collett A.E. (*), Collier J, Collins Charles John, Collins Charles, Collinson E.A. (2), Colman G, Colville J.R., Colwell Chas Herb, Colwell Percy, Colwell William H.E., Connelly Joseph, Cook Dennis, Cook E.C., Cook George, Cook G.A., Cook J, Cook W (*), Cook Walter W., Cooke Harry (*), Cooke Joseph, Cooke J, Cooke J, Cooke J.F., Cooke Leonard, Cooke R, Cooke W, Cookson T.G. or T.V., (2), Coombs Edward, Coombs J.R. (2), Cooper Arthur, Cooper Alfred, Cooper Arnold William, Cooper H, Cooper Henry, Cooper Samuel, Cope Percy, Copleston C (*), Copping Thomas, Corbett J.H., Corcoran T, Cording Arthur (*), Cotgrave Alfred, Cotterell A, Cotterell Archibald, Cotterell (Cottrill) Graham, Cotterill J, Cotterill A (2), Cotterill Arthur, Cott(e)rell T.E., Cound Chas H., Court Arthur George, Cowland H.S., Cox E, Cox F, Cox George S., Cox T.D., Cox William (*), Cox William Henry, Crabb Walter Victor, Craddock George, Crane Herbert (*), Crane R.G., Craven William, Crofts H, Charles, Creece J, Creek Joseph, Creese Ernest, Creese Ernest William (**), Crew Charles W., Crisp A.R., Crompton R, Cronin Alban H., Crooke Wm. Chas., Cropper Alfred F, Cross A, Cross A.E., Cross H.F., Cross P.S., Crouch W (2), Crow Edward, Crow John, Crow Chas, Crow R, Crowe Victor Chas, Crowther H (2), Crump W.J (2). Crumpton Lewis, Crutch Arthur, Crutch Horace, Cullen Franscis C.W., Cullen James, Cumberland Frank, Cunningham Charles, Currell George H., Currell J, Curtis Harry, Curtis Charles E., Cusworth Harry, Cutts A.L., Cutts William A.

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