Surnames D - G

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. A number in brackets following a name indicates there are two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk indicates that the man appears on either the portrait or graves page. Two asterisks indicate that he appears on both.

Dale Daniel, Dale E.S.C, (*), Daley J.F., Daleymount Ernest Sidney (*), Dalton P (*), Dalton Thomas, Daly Francis John, Daniels S, Darke Arthur (2), Davies Alfred, Davies George Vincent (**), Davies H, Davies John, Davies Lloyd, Davies Marsden P., Davies Samuel, Davies Thomas H., Davis ?, Davis A, Davis E.J., Davis Ernest, Davis G, Davis G, Davis H, Davis H.J., Davis Henry, Davis Howard Jas., Davis John H., Davis J, Davis James, Davis J.G., Davis J.T., Davis Joseph, Davis W, Davis H.J. (2), Davis H.W. (2), Dawes William (*), Day F.T. (*), Day H.D., Day Tom, Deakin William, Deane Harry, Delahay T.W., Delaney William Alex (*), Denman George, Denner Herbert, Denton Fred, Derry Francis A., Desborough John, Dick Gilbert, Dickenson W, Dicks J, Digger Harry, Digger Hubert, Digger William, Dilkes George, Dilnott Richard, Dixey J.B. (2) (*), Dixon Allen Leonard, Dixon Jack, Dobson Albert, Dodd H., Dolphin Ewart (Edward), Dolphin James Christopher (*), Dolphin V, Dominick P, Doran Joseph (*), Dorey William John, Dosher Leonard A., Doughty G, Dovey E.A., Dovey R.P.C., Dovey Wilfred S., Dowler C, Dowler Henry Edward, Dowler J (2), Down Charles, Doyle Thomas, Dreaper William J., Drew F.G., Drummond James Allen, Duffert S.A., Duffett A, Duffett S.A., Duffield G, Duggins Albert H. (2) (*), Dyer Frederick A., Dyer Frederick J., Dyer George, Dyer L.F., Dyson A.L., Eacott Joseph O., Easton John, Eaton Richard, Edgeworth Henry, Edward Albert, Edwards A.B., Edwards Douglas H., Edwards Francis T., Edwards G.T. or G.H., Edwards Harry, Edwards John, Edwards J, Edwards J., Edwards John E., Elcock William (2), Elgar Frank, Ellis Edward, Ellis James, Ellis Leonard, Elt A.H., Elt E or W, Emmings Albert, Em(d)monds John, England John E., English Alexander D., Erskine R (*), Essery H (*), Etwell Percy, Evans Arthur, Evans Albert Charles MM (*), Evans A.F., Evans Frank H., Evans F.G., Evans G.H., Evans Harry, Evans Horace R., Evans H.C., Evans Reginald V., Evans T, Evans Thomas W., Evans William E., Evans W.C., Evans William, Evans William E., Everley William C., Fabian George, Facer ?, Facey Sidney A., Fannon H.P. (*), Farley T, Farley B (2), Farthing Harry, Faulkner Walter, Fear James, Fearnes Marshall, Fennell Charles, Fennell George, Fennell James, Fenton Joseph A., Field E, Field J, Finch Joseph (2), Finch/French J, Fisher H, Fleetwood Percy, Fletcher E.W., Flexman Louis F., Flowers H.F., Flowers R, Flux Alfred Ernest, Flynn Clarence E., Ford George, Ford Horace J., Ford William A, For(r)est Frederick, Forrester Tom, Forsyth J.C., Foster G, Foster George J., Foster N.J.A. (*), Foster S, Foster John W.E. (2), Fowler Henry E., Fowler William Charles, Fox Charles Dennis, Fox J, Francis Albert W., Foxall William, Francis Edward, Francombe Cecil R., Franklin Harold (2), Frankson William F. Lloyd, Fraser Roderick, Freeman ?, Freeman Fred C. (*), Freeman H, Freeman John B., Frewin L.V.(*), Frost Charles C., Frost Ernest, Frost Robert John, Frost Thomas, Fulcher G, Fulcher J, Fulcher Walter, Furlong Thomas, Furness Percy, Gales F.R., Galloway R.L. (*), Gammon H, Gane A, Gane J.A., Garbutt Archibald, Garbutt ?, Garbutt J, Garbutt B (2), Gardiner George, Garner William T., Garrard Albert William, Gascoyne G, Gaunt Harry R., George William, Gibbons Albert, Gibbons Basil, Gibbons Henry R., Giddens Harry, Giddins E, Giles C, Gilks L.R., Gilks W.L., Gill Francis O., Gill Lewis Percy, Gill P, Gillam J.W. (*), Gill Rowland, Gillett Harry, Gittins S (2) (*), Glazzard Albert William, Glazzard S (*), Glover William, Godfrey J, Godsell Albert V. (2), Godwin Ernest V., Goode Albert J., Goode D.J, Goode Henry, Gooderham A.B. (*), Goodman H, Goodwin Alfred, Goodwin A., Goodwin Edwin Jas., Goodwin Ralph, Goodyear W.G., Gough George William, Gough Henry, Gough William R., Gower J.W. (*), Goy James, Grainger A (2), Grace Frederick G., Gray Walter J., Gray William (*), Grayson George R., Grazier Ernest, Greaves James Henry (*), Greeley Michael, Green Albert W., Green A, Green A.H. (2), Green Edwin, Green Ernest A., Green E.J., Green F, Green J, Green L (*), Green R.L., Green W.J. (2), Greenslade J, Gregory S.D., Gre(a)sley M, Grey W, Griffen James, Griffin E (*), Griffin Frank, Griffin T, Griffin T, Griffin Ernest (2), Griffin S (2), Griffiths Albert, Griffiths C., Griffiths G, Griffiths Harry V., Griffiths Harold T., Griffiths Jack, Griffiths Oscar Samuel, Griffiths W, Griffiths W, Griffiths William J., Grimes Joseph, Grimes William, Grimsteed Edgar P., Groudle Albert G., Groves Arthur, Groves William James (*), Grubb T, Grubb W (2), Grudgings (Grudgling) Joseph H., Guest Arthur, Guest Ja., Gunster J.H., Guyatt F, G(w)illam/Gillam J.W. (2), Gwilliam A, Gwilliam E, Gwilliam(s) H (2), Gwilliames Arthur Gwynne Robert H.

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