Surnames H - K

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. A number in brackets following a name indicates there are two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk indicates that the man appears on either the portrait or graves page. Two asterisks indicate that he appears on both.

Hackett Eric, Haddleton Charles J., Hadland A, Hadshead ?, Haigh Noble Edward, Hague Horace, Hail (Hall?) G, Haines Alfred Thomas (*), Haines Charles, Haines E, Haines Joshua, Haines Vincent G., Hainsworth Joseph J., Haithwaite Louis, Hale Albert J., Hale Andrew (*), Hale F, Hale W, Hale W.E., Hale E (3), Hale(s) J.W., Hales W, Hall Albert C., Hall Arthur E., Hall Arthur (*), Hall Arthur(*), Hall George, Hall J, Hall R, Hall Thomas Kershaw (*), Hall William Joseph, Hall William R., Hallett E.A. or A.E., Hallwell Edward, Hambridge A.S., Hamilton Patrick J.A., Hamilton ?, Hammond ?, Hammond Arthur George (**), Hammond Bernard, Hammond Ernest J., Hammond Joseph, Hamnett Arthur, Hancock John, Hand Victor, Handy Albert J., Hanley A, Hanley L.G., Hanley W, Hannis henry E., Hanson John W., Harber Percy George, Harber T, Harbron W.E., Hardiman E, Hardiman John, Hardiman Joseph, Hardiman H.E. (2), Harding Abraham G., Harding Charles, Harding Henry Geo., Hardman Charles H., Hardman Edward J., Hardwicke Arthur H., Hardy Reginald H., Harford Charles W., Harget William, Harmer R.J., Harper A.E. (2) (*), Harper William J., Harris Ernest, Harris F, Harris F, Harris F.G., Harris G.H., Harris Harry, Harris James, Harris S, Harris Tom, Harris Walter, Harris Wilfred A., Harris William Frank (2) (*), Harrison Abraham, Harrison Francis Joseph (*), Harrison John A., Harrison Joseph, Harrison R, Harrod V.J., Hart Abram, Hart A.W., Hart Francis Victor (2), Hart George, Hartley R.B., Hartwell Sidney, Hartley Thomas, Harvey Harry, Harvey Samuel, Harwood F.W., Harwood Jack (*), Haslam Archie, Hathaway A, Hathaway Leonard Wallace, Hattersley Albert, Haughton George G (2) (**), Hawker C, Hawkins C, Hawkins O.C.F. or C.C., Hawkins William Harold, Hawkins William Henry, Hawkswood B, Haydon Edward G., Haydon Jesse E., Hayes Frederick, Hayes M.S., Haynes C, Haynes Harry, Haynes Wiliam Henry, Hayter Herbert Alfred, Hayter W.H., Hayward F, Hayward G, Hayward Philip, Hayward W.H., Haywood Rowland, Hazzard William E., Head H, Head William A., Healy H, Hearn C.G., Hearn C.G., Hearn Leonard, Hearn L, Heath A.R., Heath J, Heath Robert, Heath William G., Heath G (2), Heaton Albert E., Heaton Leslie, Heaven W, Hebblethwaite Frederick, Hecks William Henry, Hemming ?, Hemming C, Hemming Denis, Hemming George H., Hemming Harold, Hemming Walter, Hemmings Harold J., Hendey William Henry (*), Henn N.C. (*), Heraty Austin J. (*), Herring J, Hessell B, Hetherington William A., Hewins J, Hewlett William, Heywood Alfred, Hibbert George, Hickling Francis P., Hickman E, Hicks E (3) (*), Hicks Frederick William, Higgins Thomas, Higgs W (2), Hiles A, Hill Albert M., Hill George Edward, Hiles Harry, Hill Harry, Hill Harry, Hill Harvey, Hill H, Hill Joseph William, Hill J, Hill J.J., Hill Michael S., Hill Percy George, Hill Rowland Hugo, Hinett W, Hinton W, Hipwell George H., Hirons B (2), Hobbs F.W., Hobbs G, Hobbs W, Hoborough Frederick, Hobson A.C.W. (2) (*), Hodder Bert, Hodder James, Hodges Frederick, Hodges T, Hodges W.H., Hodgson Charles E., Hogan William Thomas, Hogg Henry, Holbeche S, Holbecke Sidney, Holes Arthur, Holland Alfred James (*), Holland Harold (*), Holland William J., Hollingshead T, Holloway A., Holmes Albert Edwin, Holmes Edwin, Holmes Frederick, Holmes Harold, Holmes T.C., Homer Alfred, Holt H, Holt Harold, Holt J, Holt W.H., Homer A.E., Homer J, Hooper T.M. or T.N., Hopcroft Arthur E., Hope John, Hope Sydney Ed., Hopewell George, Hopkins David, Hopkins George Henry, Hopkins H.W. or N.W., Hopkins Joseph, Hopkins Robert S., Hopkins Sidney A., Hopkins William J., Hopwell G, Horbury Harold, Horles ?, Hoskins J.S., Hotchkiss William, Houghton William Ernest, Howard Harry (*), Howard W.H., Howell Alfred. Howes G.H., Howles (Hownes) Arthur, Howlett W, Howman C (*), Hoyle Francis, Hoyle T. Martin, Huband Horace, Hucker Victor William (*), Hudson Cyril, Hudson Roy, Hudspith T.W., Hughes Charles, Hughes C or G, Hughes E, Hughes George, Hughes H, Hughes Harry T., Hughes James, Hughes W, Hughes William J., Hughes ? 2/Lt (*), Hulls Stephen, Humphreys J.A., Humphries John A., Humphries Reuben W., Humphries Sam, Humphries Sidney, Hunt Cyril J., Hunt Horace, Huntley Richard W., Husson Bertram G. (2), Hustler J.G., Hutton Richard, Hutton Thomas A., Hutton William Hubert, Huxtable Alfred Edward (*), Hyde Albert, Hynes William, Ingles George A., Inglis J, Isaacs William Thomas, Ison B.S., Ives Samuel, Jackson E.R.A., James A, James A, James Arthur W.R., James Reginald, James R.W., James T, James Thomas, James A (2), Jarvis Frank, Jarvis George L., Jay Arthur, Jay W, Jeffrey H, Jeffery (Jeffrey) Harry, Jenkins Charles William, Jenkins A.W., Jenkins Frank H., Jenkins Richard A., Jenks Ernest (*), Jennings G, Jennings Henry John, Jennings J, Jeves Ernest F., Jeynes C, Jeynes H, Jeynes W (2), Johnson Arthur, Johnson A.H., Johnson Bertram Joseph (*), Johnson Eugene, Johnson Fred, Johnson George, Johnson H, Johnson H, Johnson Jabez, Johnson S.J., Joiner E.J., Jones Allen Herbert, Jones Alfred, Jones A, Jones A, Jones A, Jones Archibald, Jones A.E., Jones A.H., Jones A.W., Jones C.T., Jones E, Jones E.W., Jones E.W., Jones Frank (*), Jones F, Jones F.W., Jones George, Jones G, Jones G.H. or E.H., Jones Harold, Jones Sydney, Jones S, Jones Tom, Jones William, Jordan Jack (*), Joslin Albert Edward, Joyce Thomas J., Joyner R.J., Judge Alfred, Jukes William Thomas (*), Keith Arthur, Kellar J.B., Kelly H, Kemp Charles William, Kendrick Spurgeon, Kenley Ernest, Kenwrick Robert, Kenwrick W, Kerby A.M., Kerrod Thomas, Kettle H, Keyte C.C., Kimberley J.B., Kindon Harold E., King Albert Victor, King A.D., King Thomas J., Kings J, Kingsley ?, Kinsley P, Kite F.S., Kite or Lane H (2), Kite Percy George, Kiteley Joseph, Kiteley William, Knight F.W., Knight Frank, Knight H, Knott (Nott?) H, Knott Percy, Knowles Benjamin, Knowles S, Knowles G (3).

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