Surnames L - P

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. A number in brackets following a name indicates there are two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk indicates that the man appears on either the portrait or graves page. Two asterisks indicate that he appears on both.

Lamb A, Lamb Percy E., Lamb William, Lambert William, Lambert William H., Lambourne G.A., Lamont John M., Lampitt J, Lampitt W, Lander Bernard, Lane Albert, Lane Ernest James, Lane George, Lane Harold, Lane Harry, Lane H, Lane H, Lane W.K., Lane Walter, Lane William J.(*), Lane William F., Langfield Frederick J., Langley B, Langley Henry, Large Donald Edward, Larkins Ernest, Lattey James Cumming (2) (**), Law Sydney Wilfred, Law W.H., Lawley George, Lawley Stephen F., Lawrence Arthur, Lawrence Walter Charles (*), Layton Frank, Le Tissier C, Lea Harry, Lea Sidney, Lea W, Lee A, Ledgley Reginal T., Lee E, Lee Gerald Roper, Lee H, Lee H, Lee H, Lee O, Lee William, Leigh Arthur, Lench Harry, Leppard W.T. (2), Lerry Sydney (*), Lessimore Ernest (*), Lewis Albert E., Lewis Cyril James, Lewis G, Lewis George Henry, Lewis H.W. (*), Lewis Thomas R., Lewis William, Lewis William C. (*), Light Frederick T., Limpenny R, Lines Frank H., Lines H.D., Linzey John, Lisseman Charles R., Lisseter George E. (*), Litchfield Frederick, Lloyd George, Lock William E., Lockyer Fred Bertram, Loder Arthur F., Loftus William, Long V, Long V, Lorriman Albert E., Louch George, Louth Frederick W., Loveridge George, Loveridge Walter, Lowe A.J., Lowe Charles D, Lowe Herbert H.B., Lucas Albert H. (2), Lucy William, Lythall Francis H., Mabon John, McCann Charles, McCann C, McCaw David, McCaw John, McColm Alexander, McCracken Joseph B., MacDonald James M.F., McDonough J, McGibbon Adam Jack, McHarg William J., McKean Robert, Mackie Harry, McKinnon James H., McLean F, Maclean Francis, Macleod Roderick (Rory) (*), McMillan Alexander, Maddick(s) Sidney, Maggs William, Maiden B, Maiden Percy, Maiden W, Maiden W, Maiden Wilfred G., Maisey Gilbert J., Mallard Jack, Mallins (Malins) William, Mander A.E., Mann Albert, Mann Albert V., Mann George T., Manning Joseph, Mansfield George, Manton H.H., Manton William R., Mapes Owen, Marchant Arthur William, Marchant John, Marchant Sidney J., Margetts William Thomas, Marks Harold, Marsh Gilbert A., Marsh Isaiah, Martin ?, Martin Albert, Martin A.H., Martin Arthur, Martin George, Martin H, Martin Henry A., Martin Henry William, Martin Thomas H., Masefield A.W., Masefield A.W., Mason Albert, Mason Albert John, Mason Frank W., Mason Harold Arthur, Mason William, Mason William John, Massey Percival, Masters Joseph, Matthews Arthur, Matthews George, Mathieson ? Maullin Walter (3), Maullin William, May Herbert William, Mayall F.H., Maynard Jesse (*), Meacher E. (*), Mears Henry T., Mears Herbert (*), Mee Bernard V., Meek Alfred, Meese Jack, Meredith Sydney Thomas, Merrick J.W., Merriman F, Merriman Walter (2), Merrix H, Michael Arthur Henry, Michael Samuel J., Micklewright Arthur, Micklewright William H., Micklewright William J., Middleton John, Miles Alfred Edward, Miles Christopher, Miles G.W., Miles Sydney A., Miles William P., Millar John, Miller Hugh (*), Millership Walter, Millichap Ernest A., Mills David, Mills George William, Mills Thomas, Mills Walter, Mills W.P., Millward Frederick, Millward John, Minchin Kenneth John, Mitchell Albert, Mitchell Frank, Mitchen Victor P., Mole Albert, Moody Thomas, Moody William C, Moody William S., Moore (Moone) Frederick, Moore Thomas A (*), Morgan C, Morgan Charles H., Morgan Charles R., Morgan George H., Morgan John, Morgan J, Morgan Stanley A., Morgan Thomas C., Morgan Thomas E.(*), Morris Albert E., Morris Arthur (*), Morris Donald C, Morris Edward V., Morris F.S. or D, Morris G, Morris H, Morris Harry, Morris Herbert, Morris James, Morris J.A., Morris Robert E V., Morris R, Morris Walter, Morris William Ivor, Morrison T, Mottram Frederick (*), Mountford Alfred, Muckart John, Munday Donald, Munn David, Munn Richard (*), Munn Sidney Ernest, Munslow George, Mutter G, Mutton Horace V., Mynett Joseph, Naish Sydney A.E., Nash Richard W., Neal Arthur, Neale Albert, Neale Arthur J., Nelson Leslie A., Ness William, MM, Newbold George Harold (*), Newey A.G., Newey William George, Newman Percy P., Nichols ?, Nicholls Henry, Nickalls C.P., Nickless Theodore A., Nicklin William H. (3), Nicklin William Lionel, Nind Sydney, Nixon Charles G. (2), Noond A.G. (*), Norcott Thomas George (*), Norman Evelyn Manners George, Norman George, Northcott Frederick T., Nott L.P., Nott Samuel D., Nunns Hiram, Nutt Alfred James, Oakes Walter, O'Farrell E.M.J., Orme Frederick, O'Shea Dennis, Oakey (Oakley) N, Oakey Joe, Oakley Frederick, Oakley Horace, Obery E.A. (*), Oldham A.C. (*), Oliver C.N., Oliver Eric Ward, Oliver L.G., Oliver Thomas, Oliver T.R. (*), Oliver Charles N. (2), Oliver Leonard George, Onions George, Osborne Martin A., Osborne Sydney E., O'Shea D F, O'Shea Terence, Ottey William, Outram Herbert C., Owen Arthur, Owen Harry, Owen H, Owen(s) H.R., Owen H.R., Owen Thomas Stuart, Owen William H., Packwood Charles W., Packwood Herbert M., Page Alfred, Page Arthur P.,Page Edward, Paget W, Pagett Alfred, Pagett Ernest, Pagett Fred J., Pagett George, Pagett Herbert W., Pagett Walter L, Painter Arthur, Painter Percy E, Palethorpe E.D. (**), Palfrey Stanley, Palmer Cyril, Palmer James N., Pandfield S, Pardoe E, Park Robert, Parker Arthur, Parker A, Parker Dennis, Parker John F. or J.T.(2), Parker William R., Parkes Harold, Parkes Samuel, Parkin Herbert, Parkinson Percy D., Parsons Ralph Ewart, Partridge C, Partridge Edward, Partridge R, Partridge Richard, Patrick Sidney, Patterson Sidney T., Paxton Philip Percy, Paxton W, Paxton Walter, Payne Charles, Payne George, Payne George, Payne Walter F., Payne William James, Paynter Jack, Pearce H, Pearce W, Pears A, Pears George, Pearsall A.W., Pearson William C., Peatman W, Penny A.C., Penny Frederick, Penny A.F. (*), Penson Harry, Penzer George H., Perkins A, Perkins Harry G., Perkins Robert, Perkins William F., Perks Frank, Perks Robert, Dyson-Perrins C.F. (3) (*), Perry Clifford, Perry Thomas, Pheasey Harry, Phelps J.W., Phelps W, Phillips Arthur W., Phillips Frank W., Phillips William Henry, Phillpots Edward, Phipps Arthur, Pickman Henry, Pidgley Walter, Pilkington A, Pillinger Samuel, Pinfield Harold, Pinkney Robert, Pipkin Robert, Pitcher Hubert, Pitcher William T., Pitney John, Pitt Harry, Pitt Leonard, Pitt Walter, Platt George, Plumb John Merry (*), Poole Alfred C., Poole James Thomas, Poole Richard Joseph, Pope Albert F., Pope George Henry, Pope John E., Porter James Edward, Porter Lawrence B., Porter William Em, Porthouse Ernest, Postings Charles, Postings Mark, Potter Athol, Potter George (*), Potter George H., Potter Harry, Potter J.L., Potter Jesse H., Potter Noel, Potter Thomas A., Potter William, Potts Alfred, Potts William, Powell A, Powell Albert Edward, Powell Arthur, Powell Charles F. or C.T., Powell Fred, Powell George, Powell George, Powell George R. (or R. George) (2), Powell G, Powell J, Powell James, Powell J, Powell Joseph, Powell Leonard (2), Powell Mansell, Powell Sidney, Powell Sydney G., Pratt Harvey, Preece Frank.E., Preece James, Preece William, Preston Harold, Preston Leonard, Preston Sidney James, Preston W (2), Price A, Price Arthur S., Price Charles Lionel, Price Ernest J., Price Herbert, Price Joseph, Price William S., Pridmore Reginald G. (**), Priest Cyril William, Prior Frank, Pritchard Jack, Pritchard William C. (*), Probert William, Pryer Thomas W., Puddicombe William H., Pugh Albert, Pugh Arthur, Pugh E (*), Pugh Harry Kinden, Pugh James Alfred (*), Pullen Edwin J., Pulley George (3), Purnell Charles Edwin (*).

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