Surnames Q - S

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. A number in brackets following a name indicates there are two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk indicates that the man appears in the portrait or grave section. Two asterisks indicate that he appears in both.

Quick Louis Henry St. Pierre, Quiney Herbert C., Raby W.A. (2), Radcliffe F (*), Raderecht Fred(2), Ragbourne William G. (*), Rainslie H, Ralph Richard, Ramsden Leonard, Ramsey Ernest, Randall William, Randle Harry J.H., Restall/Rastall Albert (*), Rastall Albert, Rastall Joseph, Ratcliffe D, Ratcliffe Ernest A., Ratheram Ernest, Rayers Albert, Rea A.C., Rea Albert Edward (*), Rea Percy, Rea W.G. (2), Rea Walter, Read A (2), Read Albert, Read J.F., Read Richard, Reading Charles E., Redding Arthur, Redding Thomas, Redfern Albert, Redmayne Giles B., Reece Percy, Reed R, Reeves Cyril (2), Reese Archibald D., Reid Ernest Enoch, Reid J.F., Reid J.W., Restall/Rastall/Restell Albert/Arthur (*), Rewcastle John, Reynolds Archibald Harry, Reynolds Cubitt Hugh, Reynolds Frederick, Reynolds Harry, Reynolds William A., Reynolds Ruben (2), Riby Percy, Richards Thomas, Richardson William M., Richings Archibald, Richings William James, Rickards (Richards) Frederick H., Rickards George, Rickards Thomas Charles, Ricketts T.D., Ridby A, Rider George, Rigby A, Rigsby Sidney, Riley J, Rimmer Charles John, Rimmer C.J. Rimmer Walter, Risburn William Harold (2), Rissom F, Rivers J, Rivers Joseph, Rixom F., Rixom William Frederick, Roberts Albert E., Roberts E, Roberts Frank, Roberts James William, Roberts John, Roberts Wilfred Harris (*), Roberts William (*), Robertson Hugh, Robinson Alfred George, Robinson G.A., Robinson Percy, Robinson William Cogins (*), Rodber Albert Victor (*), Rodger George, Rodgers O, Rodway Thomas H., Rogers Edward George, Rogers George H., Rogers George J., Rogers Harry, Rogers Joseph, Rogers Walter (2), Rogers William Albert, Rolfe Henry Francis, Rook Joseph, Rose F.W., Rose W (*), Rouse Albert W., Rouse Edward W., Rowbotham Frank, Rowe Percy Trevellyn (**), Rowlands A (*), Rowley Albert, Rowley William Charles, Ruddick Louis Allen (*), Rudkin William A., Ruff Arthur Gilbert, Ruff Frank, Ruff William, Rumney James A Y., Rumney Fred John, Ruse Frederick George, Rushton Francis H., Russell Alexander, Russell Frank, Russell Lewis W.H. (2) (*), Ryder W, Rye Charles F.A., Salisbury Sidney, Salter James, Salter Percival Harry, Sandals Jesse Richard, Sanders George, Sandles Arthur, Sands S.T., Sankey H.B. (*), Sargent Walter, Saunders E.K., Saunders G.N., Saunders Harold, Saunders Herbert, Saunders Hubert, Saunders James G., Saunders John Harold (2), Saunders Walter, Savage Joe, Saward Cyril, Schneider Fred, Schofield Alfred, Scott W, Scott Walter J., Seabright Francis John (2), Seabright Percy A., Sealey Albert, Sealey Howard (2), Seaton Harry, Sedgemore William R., Sefton James E., Sellars G.V., Severn J.W. (*), Sexton Arthur, Sexton William, Seymour John Robert George (*), Shacklock J, Shacklock John W., Shakespeare James Stanley, Shambrook J. (Harry) (2), Sharp Ernest, Sharp William, Shaw Christopher G., Sheldon William F, Shelley Frederick A., Shelton A, Shepherd Frank, Sheppard Frank, Sheppard (Shephard) William, Sherriff Alfred (*), Sheward Arthur A (2), Sheward Fred, Sheward William, Shilton Norman J., Short Clifford, Short Edward, Shuck Thomas, Shufflebotham Frank, Shuker George, Shuter Frank, Shutt William, Sier Thomas (*), Silcox Arthur, Silletoe (Sillitoe) Horace, Simmonds William, Simms Ernest, Sinclair B, Skelding Leonard, Skinner Arthur, Slack William Nichol, Slade H, Slade William, Slann Frederick F., Smallcombe Harold (*), Smart Albert Edward, Smart E.H., Smith Albert, Smith Alfred, Smith Anthony, Smith Chris, Smith Cyril, Smith D, Smith Daniel, Smith D.C., Smith Edwin Harry, Smith Frank, Smith Frank Douglas, Smith George, Smith George H., Smith George V., Smith H, Smith Harold G., Smith John Henry MM, Smith J.W., Smith P.A., Smith R or F, Smith Sidney, Smith Sydney George (**), Smith F (2), Smith F (2), Smith S.H. (2) (*), Smith Stanley, Smith T.N. (*), Smith Walter, Smith William, Smith William G., Smith William T., Smith-Carrington M.C.H. (2) (*), Snape Thomas, Sneed Frederick V., Snelling Thomas Edward, Snook Arthur John, Sollars F, Spalding E.J. (*), Sparks Arthur Ernest (*), Sparks Thomas, Spark(e)s Victor G., Spencer F.W., Spencer H, Spencer F (2), Spicer Charles, Spilsbury James H., Arthur Spiers, Spires/Spiers H.E., Sprackland William, Spriggs Edwin T., Squires A, Stables Lawrence, Stacey George (*), Stait William John Micklin, Stallard A.H. (**), Stanley W, Stanton Harry William, Stanton P.W. (*), Stanton William J., Stanton William Walter (2), Steer Ernest (2), Stephens Ernest H., Stephens Horace William, Stephens James, Stephens Sidney, Stevens Leonard, Stevens William Henry, Stevenson G, Steward Harold Owen (*), Steward Harry Tom, Stinton John Ashley (**), Stock G.T., Stokes Arnold, Stokes Bert, Stokes Ernest, Stokes E.B., Stokes W.M., Stone Frank, Stone James, Stooke William, Stovold J.J., Strafford James, Strain Ernest, Strain George William (*), Strain John Henry, Street George Kenneth (*), Strong F.W., Stroud E, Styche Reginal Ernest, Styler George, Styler James, Summers Arthur J., Summers Alfred Richard, Summers Harold E., Summers Roland Henry, Summersgill ?, Sunderland S.J., Sutherland J.M., Sutton C (*), Sutton E.V., Sutton J, Swettenham G., Swift Ernest Maurice, Sykes John T.

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