Surnames T - Z

Christian names or initials follow their respective surnames in the list. A number in brackets following a name indicates there are two or more sheets in my records. An asterisk indicates that the man appears in the portrait or grave section. Two asterisks indicate that he appears in both.

Tandy Cecil H., Tarpey B.J., Tarpey Herbert, Tate George, Tatsie William, Taylor Charles, Taylor Charles, Taylor Charles, Taylor Clifford, Taylor Frederick, Taylor Fred George, Taylor G, Taylor G.H. (2) (*), Taylor H, Taylor Harold J., Taylor John W., Taylor Harvey R., Taylor Tom, Taylor V, Taylor Walter, Taylor W, Taylor William G.E., Taylor William Harris, Taylor William Henry, Taylor William John, Taylor S (2), Teague Ward, Tearne Alfred, Tetstall Thomas Herbert, Thacker W.J. (2), Thomas A.W., Thomas Evan James (*), Thomas L, Thomas L.F.J., Thomas Percy, Thomasson Leonard, Thompson Frank, Thompson George W., Thompson George, Thompson John William, Thompson S.J., Thompson William S., Thorn(e) Edward, thornton John H., Thornton Ralph, Tilbrook Harry Charles, Till Albert Reginald, Tinkler John William (*), Titcombe Harry, Tofts Henry J., Tolley Alfred, Tolley or Folley E.F., Tolley John William, Tolley Reg, Tolley Walter Richard (*), Tolley Walter J., Tombs Arthur Young, Tomes C, Tomkins William Arthur, Tongue Charles, Tongue Thomas, Tongue William, Tooley Leslie Arthur (*), Topham David, Townend John, Townsend Charles, Trahearn Percy A.G., Tranter F, Tranter Harry (*), Tranter Sidney Charles (*), Treadgold Garnet Victor(*), Trehe(a)rn F, Trentfield Albert, Tromans Joseph Wilfred (*), Trow Charles, Trueman Archibald, Trump William G., Tuckey Edmond Charles, Tuffy John (*),Tunbridge W.S. (*), Turner Albert E., Turner Frank, Turner Harry, Turner Lawrence F., Turner P, Turner Samuel, Turner Walter Frank, Turner William, Turner William, Turpin James Knowles (2) (**), Turrall Bert, Turvey Albert E., Turvey Edward, Turvey T, Turvey T.E., Tustin Cyril John, Tuxford Albert, Twinberrow P.A., Twinberrow Frank W., Twinberrow G.W. (2), Twining Edgar (*), Twining F.H., Twyning John, Tyler Benjamin, Tyler Frank Gordon, Tyler G, Tyler J, Tyler William, Underwood A.E., Underhill Harry E., Underhill Percy, Underhill Percy, Uttley Ellis, Vale Charles L., Vale Edward (Edwin?) Charles, Vale John Frederick (2), Vale Ernest, Vale Ernest Alfred (2)(*), Vaughan Francis, Vaux Frank, Vaux Jesse, Vears William, Verity J (*),Viner Joseph W.H., Vowles John Thomas, Vye A, Waddington George, Waddington Harry, Wainwright ?, Waite Ernest Frederick, Wakefield Harold, Waldron ?, Waldron Alfred (*), Waldron George, Waldron Harry, Walford William, Walken George, Walker Albert Edward, Walker A.G., Walker Cyril, Walker Gilbert I., Walker G.J., Walker Harold, Walker John, Walker Walter, Walker W, Walker W, Walker W.E., Walker W (2), Walkins W., Walkley E.J., Wall Cyril Winsome, Wall Herbert, Wall John, Wall P (2), Wall Thomas, Wallace F, Waller Vinvcent, Walters Alfred, Walters Alfred, Walters Bert, Walters H, Walters Henry, Warby H, Warden Ernest, Warder E.R. (*), Warner J.J., Warr John, Warr Joseph, Warren Arthur J T, Warren Robert Arthur, Warrender Thomas Len, Washbrook Jack W., Watkins Edward James, Watkins Ernest E., Watkins Harvey G., Watkins J (*), Watkins Stephen, Watkins W, Watkins William H., Watson George, Watt Arthur Horace, Watts A, Watts Thomas Court, Watts W, Weaver Horace, Weaver Thomas, Weaver(s) Albert, Weavers Charles, Weavers E, Weavers T, Weavers W.H., Webb David W., Webb Harold, Webb Harold Ernest (*), Webb Percy, Wedgbury A, Wedgbury A.H., Welch W, Welham Arthur Charles (*), Wellings Charles, Wellon Walter J., Welton L, Wendon F.J., Werrett Frederick E.T. (2) (*), West John F., Weston Albert G., Weston H, Westwood S.H., Westwood Thomas, Wetherington Sed, Wharrad H, Whatmore Leonard, Wheatley Cyril, Wheatley J, Wheatley Joseph, Wheatley Stephen Basil, Whiston ?, White C, White Joseph, White O, Whitehouse E (2) (**), Whiteley A, Whitford H, Whitmore J, Whittaker Frank C., Whittington Walter William, Whittlestone William H., Widdowson O (*), Widdus H (2), Wiggin Alfred, Wiggins Ernest J., Wigley William (2), Wilcox A, Wilcox Hedley, Wilcox Leonard, Wilcox F (2), Wild(e) Frank, Wild George, Wild Thomas, Wilde Charles Samuel, Wilde G, Wilkes Joseph F., Wilkinson Edward, Willetts A.M. (2), Willey Joshua, Williams A.C. (*), Williams C, Williams Charles, Williams Eric, Williams Ernest, Williams Frank, Williams Herbert Francis, Williams Phillip, Williams Robert Bernard (*), Williams W, Williams Walter, Williams W.A. (2), Williams Wilfred P., Williamson George, Williamson Percy Reginald, Willis A.E., Willis Chris, Willis G. Frederick (*), Willitts Arthur, Wills Alfred, Wilshaw Harry, Wilson E, Wilson Ed, Wilson Frank Alfred (*), Wilson Henry Harry, Wiltshire Charles Henry, Windsor Albert H., Windsor John, Wingate Stephen Albert (*), Winter John Henry, Wintle C, Winwood William, Winzar Albert John, Wise/Wyse Ernest, Wise Reg A., Withers R.N.S., Wolley Dennis E., Wolley R.T., Wood A, Wood Alfred, Wood Arthur William, Wood Harold Lawrence, Wood J.F.H. (*), Wood Stanley H., Wood Thomas F., Wood Thomas G.R. (2), Wood William, Wood(s) C, Woodcock Samuel, Woodhead W, Woodhouse A.E., Woodings Francis H., Woods W.A. (2) (*), Woodward Frank, Woodward G.R. (*), Woodward H, Woodward Harold, Woodward William Arthur, Woodyatt W (2), Woolford Harold, Woolley R.T., Wordsworth Ernest, Wren Bert, Wright Alfred C., Wright Charles Henry, Wright Geoffrey H., Wright Gilbert, Wright John William, Wright Joshua Stanley, Wright Llewellyn O., Wright Thomas Page, Wright Victor Alfred (*), Wyatt Frederick, Yarnold Gilbert, Yarrington William, Yarwood Frederick C., Yeates Charles, Yeates/Yates F, Young George, Young H, Young John Harold, Young Thomas, Young Thomas R., Yoxall H, Yoxall Ronald (*).

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